Welcome to The Leader’s Locker!

Leading is not easy.  It’s a continual process of learning and refining the way that we serve, direct, influence and inspire others.

Effective leadership requires us to build up our own knowledge, skills, and experiences to pull from.  If we are without these things, we are left with nothing to base our leadership ability upon.  Great leaders are consummate students of life and knowledge and place their learnings, experiences, and developed skills in to their personal  “leader’s locker” for future use.

So, what’s in your locker?

The purpose of this blog is to create a legacy by collecting, sharing, and archiving leadership based tenets, stories, articles, best practices, lessons and experiences for the benefit of future and growing leaders to develop and expand their capabilities.

The concept of the Leader’s Locker was started in 2010 through a series of emailed articles on leadership and corporate culture topics to a group of up-and-coming leaders.  The distribution list of direct reports, mentees, colleagues, and people who asked to join grew rapidly. While it was easy to keep up with the growing email list itself, the requests for former articles was becoming a bit cumbersome.  So, The Leader’s Locker was created to house and archive the articles.

The topics primarily revolve around key leadership topics like leading people, mentoring, developing one’s skills, communicating, emerging trends, and other miscellaneous (yet relevant!) information.  Article topics are often based upon recent events in the authors’ workplace/life.  However, these aren’t just our stories!  More and more people have been sharing their own stories or lessons and/or have made requests for new and different topics.  So if there is a topic of interest that you’d like us to write about or find information on, please email us at theleaderslocker@gmail.com and will try to get to it soon.

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If you are interested in writing for or contributing to The Leaders Locker, please send us an email.

        Leading through the storms.  Photo Credit: The Wall Street Journal 2008


This blog was founded by and is maintained by Jason Jackson.  If you don’t know me, you can catch up with me on LinkedIn by clicking here.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you find this blog useful and wish you successful leading!

Come back often!



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