Let go. Now what?

The day came. You received that early morning calendar planner to go to a nondescript meeting room.   One of your leadership and an HR representative were present. You were advised the company was reorganizing and that your role has been eliminated. They handed you a packet, gave you instructions, took your badge, and then you walked out of the office.

And now, it’s a week or two past when you were notified.   Time has moved forward, but you may feel like you’re standing still.   And, you may be asking yourself:

Now what?

I’ve talked with several that have been through this same circumstance in the last few years and have come out the other side doing well. In listening to their advice, I found many consistencies and want to share these with you.

As always, there are many things that you could or should be doing and this is not an exhaustive list. However, if you’ve stalled out and are in a lull – here’s where others have found success in getting going:

Take time to reflect. Set aside some uninterrupted quiet time. If you pray, pray. If you meditate, meditate. If you run, run. Wherever your comfort zone is, get there. And think through and process what has happened and where you want to go.   This is likely not a one time event either….you may have to spend a lot of quiet time while you go through this journey.

Set true priorities. Cut through any fluff in your life.   Force yourself to really analyze each of your priorities and ensure they align to the direction you want to go and that they are going to help you get there. Make sure you’re being honest with yourself.

Write it down. There’s something about putting pencil or pen to paper that seems to help the brain process and to construct your plan. Keep versions of your thinking – there may be something from a past version you want to revisit. If you get stuck, put it down and come back to it later. Your plan will begin to take shape and give you focus.

Ask questions. Ask. Ask. Ask! Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to asking others questions. However, at this point, if you don’t know – ask someone. If you don’t feel comfortable – find people in your network you trust that you can ask. Knowledge is power. Knowledge will help you feel more comfortable. Knowledge will help you flesh out your plan.

Ask for help. Ask. Ask. Ask! This is the same principle as above. But there is something funny about asking others for assistance. Many struggle with it. They don’t want to burden others. They don’t want to expose their situation. You need to put that all away and quit being stubborn. Your network is there for a reason – use it. Obviously, be professional about it, but if you need a sponsor – ask. If you need assistance – ask.   A large number of people want to help – but they don’t know how….until you tell them. Include others on your journey.

Use every resource available to you. Depending upon where you were let go from, there are likely some resources available to you. Use whatever is given to the fullest to help you achieve your plan – or help you discover it. Many have responded very positively about outsourcing resources available to them whether documentation, webinars, or coaches and how it made a difference in their next steps. Use them!

Don’t settle. This is always a tough one, because everyone is in a different circumstance. If you have to take something in the short term to get you to your longer-term plan, do what you need to. However, don’t abandon your longer-term goals. There is a lot of wisdom in pursuing several options at once.   In fact, a placement professional told me a story recently about a client that started with one offer that they didn’t want, but they leveraged that to help a couple other companies speed up their offers – which worked to their favor. Keep pushing towards your goal.

Help others. You are going to learn a lot along your journey. Others you know may be in similar circumstance. Information and experience you gain may help someone get on their feet or help them shortcut their plan to achieve a faster result. If you really liked an outsourcing webinar – tell your connections and encourage them to take it. If you found a job that didn’t fit you, but may someone you know – tell them! There is a wonderful benefit to your own journey when you help others on theirs.

Be thankful. Your journey will likely require the help of many others. Thank them – often. There is no better feeling when you help someone to know that they are appreciative. It makes the time and effort well spent.   Emails and texts are great to express it, but if you really want them to feel it – say it sincerely in person, or write a handwritten letter/note expressing your gratitude.

This great advice came from those that have been there – and at least for them – it helped them move forward. I hope that you find it valuable.

What would you add to help others move forward?


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